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The Postal Index Number or Pin code was introduced in the yaer of 1972 by postal department. The Pin code has 6 digit numeric number, the first digit of the PIN code indicates the region ( allocated by postal department). The second and the third digit number indicates the sorting unique postal region and district respectively. The last three digits are assigned to individual post offices ( Main / Sub / Brance post office ). There are above 1.5 Lacs Pin codes in India ( as per postal department) , Here you can just type the Pin code number to get the complete post office information. in case you dont know the Pin code search the Pin code by typing area name.

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In India, postal codes are known as PIN codes, which stands for Postal Index Number. The PIN code system was introduced by India Post, the national postal service of India, to streamline and facilitate the sorting and delivery of postal mail.

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By entering the Pin code you can find the post office details address, Zone information, Post office location, village and district details.
A PIN code in India consists of six digits. The first digit represents a particular region or zone, while the following two digits narrow it down to a specific sub-region. The last three digits denote the specific post office or delivery area within that sub-region.

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Geographic Coverage: India has a vast network of postal codes covering every state, district, city, town, and village across the country. Each area is assigned a unique PIN code to ensure accurate and efficient mail delivery Search Pin code with location map based on the location. Find Pin code based on the state and districts.
In, you can search for the Pin code.

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PIN codes help identify the destination of mail and packages, enabling the postal department to sort and route them correctly. They are essential for prompt and accurate delivery, especially in a country as geographically diverse as India.
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The PIN code system is closely integrated with India Post's extensive network of post offices. Each post office is associated with a specific PIN code, and individuals or businesses are assigned the nearest post office based on their residential or business address. Main post office in each state and regional post offices control the activity of postal services in the district.